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Because the Fading Suns rules themselves are, to put it politely, a raging pile of suck, we will not be using them. Instead, we will be making use of the World of Darkness Rulebook to provide us with the /Basic rules of the game.

For those of you with the World of Darkness Rulebook, you can go ahead and create a character via the standard human character generation procedure therein. (Short version of the process: Use this /BlankCharSheet. Attributes start at one and get 5 / 4 / 3. Skills start at zero and get 11 / 7 / 4. Pick 3 Specialties for your Skills, then take 7 points worth of /Merits. Buying the fifth dot in any area costs two points instead of one.) Any relevant skills for our game not on the standard list should be brought up with me, and will likely be handled through classification under a specialty. For instance, piloting a spaceship is a specialty under the Drive skill.

In addition, we will be importing the /MadnessMeters from Unknown Armies, and using those in place of the Morality system in the Storytelling rules. Ignore Virtues, Vices, and Morality.

If you want Psychic or Theurgic powers, you can purchase them as Merits. We will use the paths and rituals in the Fading Suns rules, with attributes and skills translated as per /TraitMappings, and Willpower in place of Wyrd. Each Psychic path is a separate Merit, costing half its power rating in Merit points (e.g. Buying all Sixth Sense powers through level 6 costs three of your seven Merits). Theurgic rituals cost one-quarter of a Merit point per power rating (e.g. spending two Merits nets you any number of Theurgic rituals with a total power rating of 8). There are no other prerequisites—specifically, Psi and Faith don't exist.

In addition, I would like everyone to try and keep three goals for their character—one short-term, one long-term, and one nonspecific. Examples might include Track down whoever stole our shipment of widgets, Rise to the rank of Consul in my Guild, and Help the poor develop useful skills, respectively. These won't have any mechanical effects (though I might consider experience awards for meeting them), but they will help me shape the game based on what the players want out of it, increasing your fun level by at least 37%.

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